Tuesday Nite Drags


On select Tuesday evenings from June till September (weather permitting), come on out to the drag strip in Oyster Bed Bridge for some drag racing fun! Grudge racing with your friends, test n' tune, or just see how fast the family sedan will go! Things get underway at 6:30pm and run till dusk. $20 to race (as many runs as you want!), $5 to watch. Tuesday Nite Drags are sponsored every event by Oyster Bed Esso! Stop by on the way home and grab a splash of gas and a snack for the drive home!

Stay tuned to this website and Raceway Park's Twitter feed for the latest updates!


Please review the following rules and tips before heading to the track!

  • Seatbelts must be worn in all vehicles
  • Vehicle windows and sun-roofs must be closed.
  • Helmets, helmets, helmets!  You MUST wear a helmet in/on your vehicle. If you are not wearing a helmet, you may be refused.
  • Only ONE person per vehicle. No double rides down the track
  • Motorcycle/Snowmobile racers must have a helmet and minimum leather or textile riding jacket and jeans and appropriate footwear. Absolutely no t-shirts, shorts or sandals. Prefer riders wear full leathers.
  • Absolutely no stunting or wheelies on the track. If you do, you will be asked to leave.
  • Pit speed is 10kph. NO SPEEDING in the pits. Go as fast as you want between the guard rails on the track!

- Motorcycle riders especially (but also car drivers) are cautioned to be aware of the end quarter mile line (also marked by a white Raceway Park sandwich board sign and yellow lines on the pavement) and not the person they are racing against. The end quarter comes up quickly on a sport bike - usually around the top of third gear or early fourth.  Forget about 5th and 6th or you won't get stopped.

- Before you run, know where the turn off roads are located. Raceway Park has 2 turn offs, with one of them located at the very end of the run out area before the sand traps. The turn offs go to the right side of the track and the car in the RIGHT lane has the Right Of Way.  NEVER, EVER turn in front of another car, crossing their lane!!!!

- Remember a dragstrip is ONE WAY! Under no circumstances should you ever turn around and head back up the track!

- There is a white "Ready" light between the 2 starting lines on top of the blue box. This light indicates that the track is clear and it is OK to stage your vehicle to race. Please do not stage your car until this light comes on. Once the white light comes on, pull ahead slowly until both the "Prestage" and "Stage" bulbs are lit. The lights will count down to green within 5 seconds of staging your vehicle. If you stage before the Ready light comes on, it may cause problems with your run.

- Please remember to enter and leave the Park in a civil and safe manner. Driving dangerously, squealing tires and racing on the road will cause undue grief for the neighbors, which in turn will reflect badly on all racers and Raceway Park. Anyone identified driving in a reckless manner may be denied entry to the track in the future.