If you’re still fairly new to drag racing, then you may not know what “courtesy” staging is. You may have never even heard of it in the first place.


Just to give you a quick refresher, when you approach the starting line you will break the first set of beams which simultaneously lights the two “pre-stage” bulbs on the top of the Christmas tree. Once you continue to roll forward you will then break the second set of beams which will light the two “stage” bulbs beneath the “pre-stage” bulbs. At this point you are now “staged” and ready for the tree to activate.


The act of courtesy staging is when the first racer pre-stages (Racer X). Racer X then “waits” till the second racer (Racer Y) pre-stages. Once Racer Y has pre-staged, Racer X then proceeds to stage. Accordingly after Racer X has staged, Racer Y stages. So to sum this up, you basically take turns with the staging procedure. However, the main thing I like to express to racers is just don’t fully stage without the other racer being pre staged. You don’t have to necessarily go back and forth with the staging procedure, but be courteous and wait to fully stage until your competitor has at least pre-staged. Hope that’s clear as mud!